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As the Pharmacy of the world, India is at the forefront of drug discovery, invention, and improvement with more than 3,000 pharma companies and 10,500 manufacturing facilities that produce 62% of the world’s vaccines and 20% of its pharmaceuticals. 

At the Faculty of Pharmacy, we create the professionals and leaders who will be the future of this industry. Pharmaceuticals are a critical component of medical care. It plays a role in preventing, treating, and managing diseases, disorders, and conditions of all kinds, ensuring the health of communities and — by extension — the growth of the nation. 

The field demands a thorough understanding of drugs, formulations, dosages, and effects. At FPH, this is achieved by ensuring an unshakable foundation in theoretical concepts. Classroom learning is complemented with practical sessions in state-of-the-art laboratories and research centres. Students are also trained in the hospitals on campus where — through observation and practice — they actively participate in treatment plans, thereby developing a deeper knowledge of their field. The Faculty’s comprehensive approach to education also includes a strong focus on research. 

Steps are taken to ensure that students are acquainted with the latest developments in the field, making them market-ready, confident professionals before they even enter the world of work. 

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Student Life

The Ramaiah University of Applied Sciences is constantly buzzing with academic, sports, and cultural events.

Sports and Fitness

Students can make use of the well-equipped gym or the numerous indoor and outdoor sports facilities on campus. 

Sports enthusiasts can also become part of the university teams and train under attentive mentors and experienced professionals. 

Cultural Events

Students from all faculties enthusiastically participate in university-level cultural events, using them to not only showcase their talent, but to also engage with their peers from different fields of study. 

Awards and Achievements

In addition to inter- and intra-faculty events, students are actively encouraged to participate in events and fests by other universities. Our students have done us proud at competitions and events across the state and the country.


The Faculty has a host of well-equipped labs and research centres that are designed to support in-depth, practical learning in pharmacy. Additionally, students are given access to the Memorial Hospital and the Medical College Hospital on campus. Here, students learn through observation and practice under the guidance of experienced practitioners. They are trained in various specialties and are actively involved in interacting with patients, understanding their medication history, and discussing treatment plans and dose adjustments.