Message from the Dean

When unknown diseases wreak havoc upon people and countries, pharmacists stand at the frontlines, leading the medical effort to find cures and treatments. 

Their thorough knowledge of drugs, formulations, dosages, and effects provide a guiding light to doctors, helping them treat patients more effectively. 

Trained pharmacists, therefore, play a vital role in the medical world, and the pharmaceutical education received at the Faculty of Pharmacy (FPH), RUAS prepares them for this.

The RUAS approach to teaching moulds students as independent thinkers and active learners. Together with knowledgeable and attentive faculty members, students are able to lay the foundation for lifelong learning. 

The curriculum and courses at FPH are designed to be outcome-based. This progressive approach to education helps develop critical thinking and emphasises practical application to ensure a smooth transition from academics to a career in pharmaceuticals. Students are also given the opportunity to pursue internships in India or abroad, and are offered campus placements with reputed companies and organisations. 

In addition to a comprehensive education, FPH ensures that students are groomed as confident individuals equipped to take on any challenge in their personal and professional lives. The courses — as well as the seminars and workshops regularly organised — help sharpen leadership skills and keep students up to date with the latest developments in their field. Students thus stand at the forefront of pharmacy and healthcare, whether in drug formulation and development, community practice, academic research, or government service. 

I extend a very warm welcome to the next generation of pharmacists. 

Welcome to the RUAS family.