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Academic Research Programmes

Research paves the way for innovation. It builds on what has been, improves on what is, and plans for what can be.

In the field of pharmaceuticals, research paves the way for advancements in medical technology and, by extension, advancements in the health and wellbeing of society. 

Over the years, pharmacy services have grown to become more patient-focused. Health education, disease prevention, patient advocacy, and access to care have helped promote medication adherence, resulting in improved health outcomes at reduced costs. 

The Faculty of Pharmacy creates an environment conducive to the pursuit of academic research. Students are guided by experienced scholars, are supported by well-planned facilities and centres, and are encouraged to contribute evidence-based healthcare findings that will contribute to improving the overall health of individuals. 

Students learn to develop a systematic, scientific approach to test a hypothesis. They explore research objectives through literature searches, and project design and evaluation. They are also taught to collect and evaluate data, and disseminate their findings through manuscript publishing. 

The Faculty of Pharmacy also has two research centres — the Drug Design and Development Centre (DDDC) and the Pharmacological Modeling and Screening Centre (PMSC). Both centres adopt a unique, multidisciplinary approach to the development of novel pharmaceutical dosage systems, emphasizing drug discovery and drug repurposing through biological action mechanisms and simulation models. 

Research Programme