Careers and Openings

The Ramaiah University of Applied Sciences (RUAS) is an equal opportunity employer that welcomes individuals who are committed to changing the world, one student at a time.

The faculty members of FPH are defined by their dedication and their spirit of inquiry. They come with years of industry-experience and are committed to the study and research of their fields. 

Our faculty members have sound communication skills that stand them in good stead while explaining complex concepts and tackling technical subjects. These skills also help them connect effortlessly with students. 

Brought together by the common goal of educating young minds, our faculty members are determined to further the interests of our students and the university.


  • Should have a Ph. D. in the relevant areas of Pharmaceutical Sciences
  • Must display exemplary academic performance and excellence in teaching the relevant field
  • Should have proven records of research publications and sponsored research
  • Should be willing to work in a team to achieve shared academic goals
  • Demonstrated experience in academic and supervisory roles is beneficial
  • Good communication and presentation skills are important
  • Commitment to the betterment of students and to teaching is a must
  • Must display honesty and integrity in all interactions
  • A strong work ethic as well as creativity and humour are beneficial

Careers at RUAS

RUAS aims to create a workplace that taps into an individual’s potential, ensures their continued growth and development, and offers them a platform to shape tomorrow by shaping the leaders of tomorrow. 

The University has formulated a host of well-planned policies, initiatives, and schemes to ensure the wellbeing of all its employees. These include training programs, faculty exchange programs, health benefits, and research opportunities.