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The Faculty of Pharmacy (FPH) was established in 1992 to offer students a comprehensive education in the field of pharmacology. 

Led by qualified and attentive professors, FPH adopts an outcome-based approach to education. Students are actively encouraged to complement their classroom learning with industry-centric seminars, workshops, training programs, and symposia. The curriculum is also designed to nurture students’ leadership and entrepreneurship skills, ensuring that they are set up for success in their professional careers. 

The staff and faculty members of FPH have, over the years, won more than 25 awards. These include innovation awards, travel grants, and recognitions for the work as researchers, presenters, and professors. On an average, 10% of our final B. Pharm students qualify for the GPAT examinations. 

The Faculty offers 7 programs, including undergraduate, postgraduate, and academic research programs.