The Faculty of Pharmacy consists of five departments that come together to offer students a comprehensive education in pharmacy. 

Inter-departmental collaboration and inter-disciplinary training is emphasized at FPH, with faculty members and students from different departments working together on projects. This multidirectional learning enables students to comfortably adapt to different approaches and fields of study.

Department of Pharmacognosy

  • DSC0357

The Department of Pharmacognosy is primarily concerned with the study of naturally derived drugs and pharmaceuticals from various sources including plants, bacteria, fungi, and marine organisms. It also includes the identification and standardization of natural medicaments.

Head of Department: DR. ASHOKA BABU

Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry

  • DSC0679

The study of Pharmaceutical Chemistry deals with the discovery, identification, standardisation and analysis of novel drugs. It includes understanding the various processes involved in drug discovery, and studying the isolation of active medicaments from natural sources, synthetic molecules, and complex macromolecules.

Head of Department: DR. HARISH KUMAR D R

Department of Pharmaceutics

  • DSC0515

The Department of Pharmaceutics educates students in the science of converting medicinal substances into drugs of a suitable form and dose that can be administered to patients. Since every medicine cannot be administered in the same way for effective therapeutic results, pharmaceutics is the innovative applied sciences that helps develop novel drug delivery systems to therapeutic and prophylactic results.

Head of Department: DR. BHARATH SRINIVASAN

Department of Pharmacology

  • DSC0859

Pharmacology is the study of drug formulations, their biological impact, side effects, and toxicity. The Department of Pharmacology at FPH emphasizes a strong focus on research and innovation, encouraging faculty members and students to further explore their field of study through research.

Head of Department: DR. JAYARAMAN ANBU

Department of Pharmacy Practice

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The field of pharmacy practice has evolved from the dispensing of medicines to include patient counselling and assistance to medical practitioners. While all other departments primarily deal with the discovery and manufacture of drugs, the Department of Pharmacy Practice includes a more clinical approach to education.

Head of Department: DR. ESWARAN MAHESWARI