Pharmaceutical Chemistry

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Sl. No.Name of the LaboratoryItem DescriptionPresent ConditionYear of Purchase
1UG LAB – 1 & 2 PG LAB – 1 & 2 BIOCHEMISTRY LAB INSTRUMENT AL ANALYSIS LABUV Visible Spectrophotometer- Shimadzu 1601In use2002
UV Visible Spectrophotometer- Shimadzu 1700In use2007
FTIR- Shimadzu 8400S with DRSIn use2004
Flame Photometer – Systronics 128In use2011
Auto Titrator Titrasys 352 Systronics In use2011
Fuming CupboardIn use2001
Digital Balances (Sartorius )In use2006
Hot Air Oven with Digital Temperature ControlIn use2001
TLC Chambers (for Descending Paper Chromatography)In use1997
Nephelometer – Elico CL52DIn use1997
Digital Conductivity Meter – M C Dalal & CoIn use1997
Photo Fluorometer – Systronics 151In use1997
Electrophoresis Supply – Systronics 604In use1997
Digital Balance – Precisa XB120A (Sensitivity 0.01g-120g)In use2004
Vaccum Oven with ThermostatIn use2001
Digital Nepheloturbidity Meter 132 Systronics.In use1997
Micro – Wave OvenIn use2001
Vaccum DesiccatorIn use1997
Analytical BalancesIn use2003
Heating MantlesIn use2005
Melting Point Apparatus In use1997
Magnetic StirrersIn use2012
Physical BalancesIn use1992
CentrifugeIn use2007
Triple Beam BalancesIn use1996
Heating Mantle (6 Unit)In use2001
RefrigeratorIn use2012
Glass DesicatorIn use2010
Atomic Model Sets In use1993
Ultra Sonics (Sonicator)In use2006
Mechanical StirrersIn use1997
Electronic Digital Balances In use2001
Ring Water Bath (6 units)In use2001
Wrist Action Shaking Machine In use1997
Over Head Projector In use2007
Refractometer- Focus 204In use1997
CM 180 Conductivity Meter ElicoIn use1998
Digital Potentiometer Lawrance & MayoIn use2006
Digital pH Meter Chemlabs In use2005
Photofluorimeter 152 SystronicsIn use2001